On Saturday, May 10, 2014 over 100 people gathered in New York City for the Summit on Human Trafficking: Communities Mobilizing Against Modern Day Slavery.

Participants included human trafficking survivors, community and service organizations, and church groups. The gathering focused on Asia America, highlighting the experiences of survivors from home countries in the Asia-Pacific region who had been trafficked to cities in the U.S.

Gabriela Seattle member Precious Butiu traveled with trafficked Filipina teacher Ethel Paat (currently residing in Spokane) to the summit so that Ethel could share her personal story of being illegally trafficked to the U.S. along with over 300 other teachers.

Precious, Ethel, and others will reporting back to the Seattle community about the New York convening, as well as the work being done now to hold criminal traffickers and governments accountable.

Refreshments and light snacks will be available.

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May 29th, Thursday at 6:30PM
Beacon United Methodist Church

7301 Beacon Ave S

Seattle, WA 98108

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1,470,826* / Discussion on Human Trafficking



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