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Contact: Donna Denina

SEATTLE, WA – October 28, officially recognized as National Philippine Women’s Day of Protest, marked 4 years of the organizing work for Pinay sa Seattle, an all volunteer grassroots Filipina organization of women part of the ongoing struggle for National Democracy in the Philippines. In honor of the rich legacy left behind by the resistance of women in the Philippines, Pinay alongside many local progressive artists and organizations, paid tribute to those whose lives have perished, but whose legacy of strength, resistance and resilience continues to live on in the work we do in our communities to build movements for social change. Diwata, translated in English to mean deity, was a an evening of collective story-telling through dance, the spoken word, and songs of our creation stories born out of resistance and revolution.

Katrina Pestano, also known by her emcee name Rogue Pinay, was one of the lead organizers of Diwata, and announced the launching of her new website on this significant day. Described by the Seattle Weekly as “poignant, filled with a startling amount of brutal honesty”, Rogue Pinay often shares stories particular to her experience as a survivor, an immigrant, a queer woman, a hiphop artist and cultural worker. With the ability to rap in both English and in her native language, Tagalog, she has been able to reclaim her language through an art form known to be expressive of a collective people’s resistance born out struggle, that which is universally known as hip hop.

“…we were buried now can no longer be kept underground / we are coming around heeding the call to people’s service / Pilipina rebel warriors ready to resurface…”

Rogue Pinay, also one half of the hip hop duo, 1st Quarter Storm with creative partner El Dia, will be releasing her first solo project in the Spring of 2011. The album’s title, “From Bowl Cuts to Bold Cuts”, pays homage to local emcee Khingz’s album entitled “From Slaveships to Spaceships”. Khingz has been influential in her artistry as an emcee and has always encouraged her to rap.

When asked why she raps as Rogue Pinay, she answered, “Filipinas are supposed to be marketable– everyone from our country’s labor export policy to our own families wants us to be easily packaged and consumed. The objective of my cultural work is to disrupt, defy and ultimately destroy stereotypes of Filipina womyn, by presenting stories of Pinays from all walks of life that make hard choices to survive and thrive in a society that constantly pushes us to be easy to contain. This is why I choose to rap. Most people do not expect Filipina womyn to rap.”

Rogue Pinay continues, “I love hiphop. Hiphop makes me believe in myself, which is why I choose hiphop as my primary form of struggle and resistance. I choose this path because it is the best way I know how to honor my mother, my ancestors, revolutionary womyn, and workers, farmers and healers worldwide.”

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