GABRIELA Seattle is a collective of Pin@ys celebrating our multifaceted identities, revolutionary history, and rich culture. We work to build a community in the Seattle area invested in educating, defending, and advocating for the human rights of Filipinas globally.

GABRIELA Seattle is a member of GABRIELA-USA, an overseas chapter of GABRIELA Philippines. GABRIELA-USA is an organization working to advance the struggle of women in the overall movement for national liberation and genuine democracy in the Philippines.


Pin@y is a term coined by Filipinos in the US during the 1920s to refer to women of Philippine descent. Pinay sa Seattle means Filipinas in Seattle. The @ sign in Pin@y signifies that gender identity and expression are not simply a binary construct. Women’s struggles and queer struggles are integrally linked to the larger movement for freedom of all our people.


We envision…

  • Liberation by and for all Filipinos living in the diaspora through a national democratic movement that will gain sovereignty for the Philippines.
  • International solidarity for a Philippines, free from US intervention and all other forms of foreign domination.
  • Filipina women globally have full access to basic human rights including healthcare, education, affordable housing, livable wages, fair working conditions, safety, environmental health, creative expression and self determination for themselves, their families and their communities.
  • Gender justice with a historical understanding of racism, classism, heterosexism and anti-imperialism.
  • A movement that creates safe and intentional spaces for Pin@ys from different generations and class backgrounds to share, learn, and engage in resilient action, centering the experiences of the most marginalized Filipina women.
  • A movement for women’s liberation that is grounded in the National Democratic movement, developed with women’s leadership and invites men to be accountable for undoing sexism and gender oppression.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118