On International Worker’s Day, local BAYAN-USA organizations and allies stand together with the international community to defend the rights of workers. Here in the U.S. and across the globe, middle class laborers fall victim to exploitative conditions. Management all over stop at nothing to squeeze out profits at the cost of basic rights, whether it is Foxconn in Shenzhen, China; the coal mines of Appalachia; or a Nestle factory in the Philippines.  This 12thAnnual May Day March and Rally, we celebrate and stand in solidarity with workers worldwide.


As the on-going economic crisis continues to devastate working families, especially immigrant communities, the fight to protect their rights is ever more crucial as scapegoating and deportations threaten our families and livelihood. As an example, domestic workers and caregivers here in the Northwest have taken unprecedented steps to ensure equal protection and recognition for their work.


In the Philippines, workers are not as fortunate. The government’s Labor Export Program currently herds nearly 4,000 Filipinos to leave their country everyday, 70% of whom are women. 


Defend and advance the rights of im/migrants and refugees!

Bail out the people, not the banks and big corporations!

Stop the militarization of our communities!


If you are a conscientious Filipino American or ally who wants to join a growing international movement of progressive activists, find us. We’ve been waiting for you. Happy May Day!


Chel Cendana, Regional Coordinator, BAYAN-USA