Artwork by Dignidad Rebelde

Members of BAYAN PNW Queer Caucus stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemn the occupation and brutal attacks by the Israeli government. We also condemn the United States for its continued monetary support of Israel’s military, with $3.1 billion in assistance in 2014 alone.

After three weeks of heavy shelling by Israeli forces, more than 5000 homes were destroyed, and the death toll is up to 1900 killed Palestinians killed, including 450 children as killed and thousands left wounded. UNICEF estimates that 373,000 Palestinian children have had direct traumatic experiences from the attack and will require psycho-social support.

The BAYAN PNW Queer Caucus cannot stay silent any longer. While Israel claims to be supportive of LBGTQ communities, we see passed the guise of state-sponsored pink-washing and condemn their violent actions against the Palestine people

Harm done to Palestine or to any part of our international community is harm done to all of us. The U.S. government is compliant in the numerous human rights violations and genocide of Palestinians, by funding the Israel military and the occupation.

As a group of progressive queer Filipinos, we view our liberation as tied together with the Palestinian people and support them as they continue to struggle against Israeli occupation, for self-determination and the sovereignty of their home.

Free Palestine!
Long Live International Solidarity!

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