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BAYAN USA PNW Queer Caucus in Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Artwork by Dignidad Rebelde

Members of BAYAN PNW Queer Caucus stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine and condemn the occupation and brutal attacks by the Israeli government. We also condemn the United States for its continued monetary support of Israel’s military, with $3.1 billion in assistance in 2014 alone.

After three weeks of heavy shelling by Israeli forces, more than 5000 homes were destroyed, and the death toll is up to 1900 killed Palestinians killed, including 450 children as killed and thousands left wounded. UNICEF estimates that 373,000 Palestinian children have had direct traumatic experiences from the attack and will require psycho-social support.

The BAYAN PNW Queer Caucus cannot stay silent any longer. While Israel claims to be supportive of LBGTQ communities, we see passed the guise of state-sponsored pink-washing and condemn their violent actions against the Palestine people

Harm done to Palestine or to any part of our international community is harm done to all of us. The U.S. government is compliant in the numerous human rights violations and genocide of Palestinians, by funding the Israel military and the occupation.

As a group of progressive queer Filipinos, we view our liberation as tied together with the Palestinian people and support them as they continue to struggle against Israeli occupation, for self-determination and the sovereignty of their home.

Free Palestine!
Long Live International Solidarity!

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GABRIELA-USA Solidarity Message to the Palestinian People


For Immediate Release
July 29, 2014
Reference: Irma Salvatierra Bajar, Vice Chair of International Relations, GABRIELA USA,

GABRIELA-USA, a Filipino women’s alliance consisting of member organizations in Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine against the recent air strikes and bombings by the Zionist government of Israel. We strongly condemn all imperialist governments, led by the United States, for their continued monetary support, collusion and provocation of these brutal attacks and genocide of the Palestinian people.

We send our deepest sympathies and unequivocal support to the liberation movement of Palestine, and in particular the women & children of Gaza who live in constant fear for their and their families’ lives because of the unending assault at the hands of Zionists. We in the U.S. are bearing witness to the escalated state-sanctioned genocide of a people fighting for their ancestral land, as well as the right to sovereignty and self-determination. We are disgusted witnessing this slaughter, supported by our government’s self-serving interests, supported by our U.S tax dollars.

Western imperialist governments, like the U.S., play a big role in fanning the animosity and war between Israel and Palestine, by continually sending political and military support to Israel, thereby directly participating in the killings of innocent Palestinians, a US imperialist policy implemented against all nations across the world attempting to assert their sovereignty. In 2014 alone, Israel received $3.1 billion in bilateral assistance from the U.S., which serves as an estimated 23-25% of Israel’s defense budget.

It is our duty as Filipina women fighting for the liberation of our people in the Philippines, that we link our struggle for national liberation with that of other movements in the spirit of true international solidarity. We stand in solidarity with Palestinian women, who despite threat to their lives and security, continue to struggle for their people’s freedom against Zionist occupation, and for a free and sovereign Palestine.

Long Live the Palestinian People!
Long Live International Solidarity!

BAYAN PNW People’s SONA 2014 in Seattle Recap

From Nicole Ramirez, Co-Coordinator of BAYAN PNW USA:

On Sunday, all 4 BAYAN PNW organizations attended Pista sa Nayon at Seward Park for our local #SONA2014 performances and flyering action.

GABRIELA Seattle performed the One Billion Rising dance not once, but twice in the afternoon both on the main stage and at the Ihaw Ihaw stage. GABRIELA Seattle and Anakbayan Seattle members then joined Rogue Pinay to perform the “Worker’s Song.”

Donna Denina and Laurie Torres both spoke about the work of GABRIELA USA and BAYAN USA to expose Noynoy Aquino’s FAILS, in particular, his failure to protect Filipinos from becoming victims of human trafficking and forced migration. Throughout the afternoon, everyone helped hand out flyers about GABRIELA USA’s human trafficking campaign, highlighting ate Ethel Paat’s story.

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In the Philippines, thousands upon thousands of our kasamas and fellow Filipinos marched on the streets of EDSA to deliver the true People’s State of the Nation.

Though President Noynoy Aquino spoke of progress, we demanded his ousting. Because we know of the widespread poverty, rising unemployment, and sham land reform that has forced our families and many others out of our homelands at unprecedented rates.

We call for his ousting, because we have heard of the rising number of unabated killings and human rights violations that we will see worsened by the government’s continued subservience to US interests through the signing of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement.

We call for his impeachment, because our own BAYAN PNW kasamas have witnessed the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan. With their own hands they have helped distribute relief goods to survivors of the typhoon because Noynoy Aquino failed to respond to the natural disaster.

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Coverage on SONA 2014: Pinoy Weekly – PHOTOS | #SONAngBayan calls for Aquino ouster

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