Names: Bua Sengkam & Vijou Bryant

Member Since: Bua (2006) & Vijou (2011-GAB Seattle, 2014-GAB New York)

What I have done as a GABRIELA member?

Bua: served as a former finance officer; participated in 2 national congresses for BAYAN-USA and GABRIELA USA; member of the Pin@y Choir; FAR (finance and resource) committee ride or die homie; and IGP (income generating project) extraordinaire!

Vijou: created and performed flag dance for Kamay, cultural event celebrating International Women’s Day; co-facilitated Queer educational discussions; proudly marched @ Seattle Pride 2011; and served on the organizing and cultural committee.

Reason for Joining:

Bua: I joined because a huge core of my social group and sheroes were GAB members and founders and the work lined up with my core moral values. The work helped me get in touch with my paternal side of the family and it really made me feel like I had a sense of connection to not only my past, but my present.

Vijou: I wanted to be part of something bigger than myself, to be part of a collective movement working towards liberation.

Expo Trip Dates: hopefully in the near future for both!

Things you’re good at:

Bua: I’m good at cooking. I’m also really good at fundraising and tabling, though I’m still working on my elevator speech.

Vijou: dancing, listening, heart-felt sharing, and eating.

Why this work is meaningful to you?

Bua: It’s not just women’s work, it’s core spiritual work for me. There’s a call of action that rises in me when we do our work. It just makes me feel like I can change the work. Our work is not just about women, but the whole entire social scheme of life. Because we are where it starts.

Vijou: Connections and Community… what would I do without this? Seriously. Liberation work is hard. It’s a commitment. I get tired and have to rest. When I have those moments or moments of joy, pain, confusion, anger, whatever it may be, I always have a kasama to turn to. I know that we need each other for our continued survival. We need all of us to be well, to find our sense of meaning in this movement and what it means to be a Gabriela. For me, finding meaning is connecting to my ancestors and honoring our legacy of resistance as well as envisioning a present-future that looks and tastes and smells like peace, justice, and love.

When you’re not working for the movement, where can we find you / what can we find you doing?

Bua: I’m a montessori teacher, so you’ll find me working with children or baking cupcakes. You can also find me working at many of the Filipino pop ups around Seattle, like Kraken Congee and Food & Sh*t, literally serving the people!

Vijou: I’m a teaching artist in New York City! You can also find me doing astrology readings, then catching up on sleep on the subway then dancing (get hip to electric punanny y’all).


* Bua has been serving on Gabriela Seattle’s finance committee and Vijou is a member of Gabriela New York.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118