Name: Annea Umayam

Member Since: June 2014

What Annea has done as a GABRIELA member:

In these first 5 months with Gab, I have attended inspiring and educational meetings and hosted my first one. It’s not really about what I’ve done, but what has been gained. I find that is the case for any kind of work you feel compassionate about, it always feels like you are the one who gained the most.

Reason for Joining: To participate in volunteer projects empower and encourage other individuals to become involved in service work.I feel like the biggest gift you can give is treating everyone no less than you and no more than you. I also like to surround myself with brilliant extraordinary people. I am so many things and I am proud that one of those is Filipina. I have so much love and pride for family. I choose to move forward coming from that place.

Things she’s good at: Hanging out with kids. Absolutely and endlessly fascinated by the natural world. Exploring nutritional and mental health.

Why this work is meaningful to Annea: There is so much strength in working together with a community. It gives me hope that helping anyone is achievable. This world is actually really small and we should represent and define ourselves. I have gained so much compassion and inspiration from the determined and thoughtful individuals of Gab. I continue to be amazed by the strong peaceful struggle I have chosen to be a part of and wish to help grow. I feel loved, I feel like I stepped into one of my own family functions when I meet with Gab/Byan.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Annea / what can we find Annea doing? Way back in the woods, studying geology, mycology, and biology. Hanging out with family and friends. Reading. Practicing yoga or physical exercise. Exploring some sort of outdoor or artistic endeavor. Working/kickin’ it with babies and kids.


* Annea has been a member of Gabriela Seattle since June 2014.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118