Names: Alanna Martin & Geene Gonzales

Members Since: Alanna (2006) & Geene (Babae in SF 2005-2006, Pinay sa Seattle since 2006)

What they have done as a GABRIELA member:

Alanna: Previously on Educational Committee, performed in various cultural events, helped facilitate educational workshops on: Comfort Women, PINAYtration, Domestic Violence.

Geene: For Babae: DV trainings for Babae members, Filipino Community Center, and Filipino community members as part of my work as a staff member of Asian Women’s Shelter; Built a mini Jeepney that FCC uses for parades and events. For Pinay: Briefly served in Finance Committee; helped form Pinay Choir; performed in various Pinay productions.

Reason for Joining:

Alanna: It was so meaningful to become a part of a human rights movement that made sense and find a place that felt like home as a queer mixed Pinay. Another awesome reason… literally made family with Gabriela/former Pinay members: Gina del Rosario-Martin is now my sister-in-law, and just married Geene Gonzales last month!

Geene: value of service to community, improving conditions for marginalized folks, especially women and children, queer/trans community, elders.

Expo Trip Dates: Alanna (June 2008) & Geene (n/a)

Things they’re good at:

Alanna: listening, eating, cooking, baking gluten free treats, taking care of elders.

Geene: singing, cooking, building things, listening, and providing support.

Why this work is meaningful to them:

Alanna: This work has changed my lens of how I see and walk in this world, Gabriela has been a place to re-educate myself and has given me a critical framework connecting the local struggle to the international struggle, and to understand my own family’s story. This work has been and is healing to me and our community, and has helped me be a better politicized healer in the movement.

Geene: To serve the people is my purpose in life. It has shaped who I am and informs my choices. I have been doing community-based work in one form or another since 1990.

When they’re not working for the movement, where can we find them / what can we find them doing?

Alanna: You can find me in your local emergency department serving as a social worker. Otherwise, hanging out with my elders, being an aunty, cooking, eating, gardening, and hanging out with my fav Gab member and new asawa Geene!

Geene: At home cooking, spending time with family and friends, or at Bush Gardens singing my heart out.


* Geene & Alanna are two of our Gabriela Seattle Alumni members and our very first ever Gabriela Seattle married couple!



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118