Names: Alcantara-Thompson-Camacho Family (DeAnn Alcantara Thompson, Austin “Aussie” & Dakota Alcantara-Camacho)

Members Since: 2007

What they have done as GABRIELA members:

DeAnn: Helped organize and facilitate workshops about Comfort Women, participated in the outreach committee, sung shyly in Pinay Choir, did some activisty acting in skits.

Aussie: Served as Finance Officer 2008-2009.

Dakota: Performed at International Women’s Day, spoke at National Webinar on TPPA connection to the Pacific Pivot.

Reason for Joining: We grew up with a Chamoru family, our Filipino family lived a couple of states away, and we wanted to get to know more about our family’s heritage and the context of the Philippines today. We were really drawn to the social justice accepts of Gabriela and really inspired by the idea of working for the liberation of Filipinas everywhere while getting to be in community with awesome Pinays in Seattle.

Things they’re good at: As a family, we have supported each other emotionally as we deal with our daily lives and deeper struggles we go through. We also support each other’s organizing efforts by showing up on the day of events and helping with set-up, the door, and giving rides. We also take great photos and represent the Big Gay Family! Each of us has unique talents and love we bring to the movement.

Why this work is meaningful to them: We have each survived the impacts of colonization as we experienced violence in our homes and learned to see how its rooted in the militarization, and patriarchal white supremacist colonization of our lands. My ancestors speak to me, and ask me to walk this path to remember their teachings and ways of living that honor the environment and all of our relations. Our ancestors value collective harmony, and so do we. As a Chamoru and Filipino family, we often grew up with the narrative of a deep separation driven between the two communities because of international colonial policies. Our family represents the love that is possible and necesarry between our peoples, and also the deep connections Chamoru and Filipino people have as peoples struggling for truly independent and democratic nations, and also as sovereign indigenous peoples with thousands of years of trade, cultural exchange, and deeply connected spiritual practices.

DeAnn: I believe the world could be so much better, that a world without oppression could and should exist, and that we are the people that need to make that happen. If all forms of oppression were eradicated we would also not be as afflicted with mass environmental destruction, domestic or sexual violence, as well as so many other modern day atrocities. I believe that the way we live our lives, raise our children, be in community have direct links to breaking down oppression and we should be doing it with analysis deeply rooted in our people’s histories and present.

When they’re not working for the movement, where can we find them / what can we find them doing? I think this is a weird question…. are we not always working in the movement even as we grow our skills around being fully human? 🙂


* DeAnn & Aussie are two of our Gabriela Seattle Alumni members and Dakota is an honorary Gabriela!



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