Name: May Madayag Marquez

Member Since: 2001

What May has done as a GABRIELA member: Initially, I served on the organizing committee to resurrect GAB work in Seattle. I served on the secretariat for the North American Consultation for Women of Philippine Ancestry, a conference we hosted in Seattle in 2001. The following year I helped organize the first Seattle Philippine exposure trip delegation in the summer of 2002.

Expo Trip Dates: July-August 2002

Things she’s good at: cooking, parenting, and surviving cancer.

Why this work is meaningful to May: I’m devoted to encouraging other women to be strong, to be confident, to not be submissive nor afraid of what they feel or think, to teach others, and to stop saying “sorry” all the time.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find May / what can we find May doing? You can find me in the Southend, 98118, with my beautiful family of seven.


* May is a Gabriela Seattle Alumni member.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118