Name: Jill Mangaliman

Member Since: 2011

What Jill does as a GABRIELA member:
1. serves on Campaigns Committee
2. serves on Special Events / Diwang Pinay Committee
3. serves through their skills of writing and speaking!
4. serves up food (literally) and is great at leading events!
5. serves our community with their all around awesomeness!

Reason for Joining: Community organizing is my way of healing and way of life. We exist in a world that fragments us and in Gabriela I can be my whole self, a Filipin@, a queer womyn of color, fighting for the people and world I love.

Expo Trip Dates: July-August 2013 and Nov. 24- Dec. 28, 2014

Things they’re good at: Community Organizing, Writing, Obtaining Resources
1. organized Diwang Pinay 2012 and Pinay Bingo 2013 with Special Events Committee (aka DP Crew)
2. organized flash mob at Seafood City Vday 2014
3. organized International Women’s Day March 2014
4. wrote more than 20 articles and press releases for the movement 2012-2014
5. performed in Reverse Money Dance as The Groom and The Balikbayan Box

Why this work is meaningful to Jill: This work is a way for me to break out of years of isolation and do something for myself my family and our homeland. I want for us, Filipin@s and the Philippines itself, to reconcile years of trauma and oppression from US imperialism, through community organizing for liberation and justice and growing the power of our people and stopping the damage to the environment. We cannot go down the same way of the imperialists and all their violence, patriarchy, and homophobia. We cannot replicate those very systems which oppress us and Mother Earth. That why the leadership and self-determination of womyn and trans people are so integral to the movement; we cannot liberate the Philippines unless Womyn and Trans people are liberated. That’s why I’m with Gabriela.

When they’re not working for the movement, where can we find Jill / what can we find Jill doing? I’m the executive director of Got Green, a local environmental justice organization led by people of color in SE Seattle, or singing karaoke at Bush Garden with community organizers, going on adventures with qtpocs, or writing articles and stories on the balcony at home.


* Jill has been serving on Gabriela Seattle’s campaigns committee.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118