Names: Irma Salvatierra Bajar & Luzviminda Uzuri “Lulu” Carpenter (Irma & Lulu are birthday twins)

Members Since: Irma (2006) & Lulu (2005)

What they have done as GABRIELA members: 

Irma: Served as Organizing Director for Pinay sa Seattle (now Gabriela Seattle) and currently serves as the Vice-Chair of International Relations for GABRIELA-USA.

Lulu: I have been a solidarity builder between Gabriela Seattle and local organizations working against prison industrial complex, gentrification, sex workers, and police brutality along with community working on healing trauma, sexual violence, domestic violence.

Expo Dates: Irma (2009 & 2012) & Lulu (Fall 2004)

Things they’re good at: 

Irma: loving and serving our people!

Lulu: karaoke, dancing, kiki, bridge building amongst communities, and producing events.

Why this work is meaningful to them: 

Irma: I wake up everyday fueled by the resilience of the people in struggle and am grateful for kasamas/comrades, community, ohana, and my batchmate for giving me the love and support in Serving the People. The time is now for all of us to expand and intensify our collective resilience towards liberation for all oppressed and exploited peoples. We must struggle against injustice, discrimination, exploitation, and oppression because these are all LGBTQGNC issues that affect our community.

Lulu: Ending imperialism will eliminate violence and it’ll trickle down to our homes, bodies, and over all lives. Connecting our struggles internationally will ground us in histories of joint resistance against a common enemy that hurts us all. All the violence that has effected my family from my mother working as a maid on an Air Force base in the Philippines to my brother’s incarceration and my mother’s current health conditions is not our fault, but rather a symptom of a broken system that broke us economically, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

When they’re not working for the movement, where can we find them / what can we find them doing?

Irma: I currently work at the Audre Lorde Project as their membership program coordinator and am honored to be serving the LGBTSTGNC  (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, two Spirit, Trans and Gender Non-Conforming) People of Color community in New York City alongside my comrades, members, and community.

Lulu: Roaming the city to my hidden spots that give me a view of mountains, water, sky, and sun. Karaoking at Bush Garden. Snacking and laughing with friends. Kiki all day. Dancing at a gay bar, so I can feel my gender and sexuality without eyes on my body and release all stress and worry to feel pure joy of movement and belief in self and the power of my body to breathe.


* Irma is currently a member of Gabriela New York and is the Vice-Chair of International Relations for GABRIELA-USA.

* Lulu is a Gabriela Seattle Alumni member and you can check out her current projects here: @luzvimindauzuri #ladybear #kikibear #kikiboi #lulunation #sadboishypeclub of #UzuriProductions and #GreenBodiesSeattle.



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