Name: Alexa Teodoro

Member Since: December 2014

What Alexa has done as a GABRIELA member: Currently I sit on the Education Committee where I help with creating and facilitating educational discussions (ED’s) about Filipino issues. I’ve facilitated migration & trafficking ED’s at the annual FASA Conference at Gonzaga and for community allies at Seattle University. I’ve also performed in the One Billion Rising flashmob at Seafood City and the Pista sa Nayon festival, and in the Reverse Money Dance at the NW Film Forum and the Pagdiriwang festival. On the side, I meet frequently with other BAYAN members to practice Tagalog.

Expo Trip Dates: Not yet, but soon…

Things she’s good at: Researching, networking, recruitment

Why this work is meaningful to Alexa: GABRIELA has helped me connect more deeply with my identities as a Filipina, a woman, a human being, and an agent for change. Working with other kasamas who are so passionate and dedicated to this cause has taught me a lot about individual strength and the power of community. Through this work, I create meaning for my life and for myself as a person, and it’s been one of the most inspiring and fulfilling experiences I’ve ever had.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find you/what can we find you doing? Outside of GABRIELA, you can find me at the UW wrapping up my work for a degree in Anthropology/Communications, blogging about my thrifted finds, hanging out with friends & family, or watching Adventure Time.


* Alexa has been serving on Gabriela Seattle’s education committee.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118