Name: Norma Timbang

Member Since: 2012

What Norma has done as a GABRIELA member:

  • attended BAYAN USA and GABRIELA USA congresses in 2012
  • participated in protests against G8 and NATO in Chicago
  • mentored current Gabriela members with her all around awesomenness
  • trained BAYAN members at Natural Helper trainings
  • served as a leader in anti-trafficking work in Washington state

Things she’s good at: I’ve been told that I am a culturally responsive mental health counselor and a good teacher.  I am also a dialogue facilitator, often called upon to facilitate difficult conversations and to help people build skills towards socially just interactions and solid relationships.

Why this work is meaningful to Norma: I am a generalist social worker, engaging in micro to macro social justice and racial equity work in collaboration with diverse people and organizations. Sometimes organizers and activists experience challenges when collaborating or working with each other and these experiences are often rooted in power, privilege, and oppression. I believe we can sustain our movements by building strong and lasting relationships, building foundations for working in alliance, and developing a culture of caring and compassion for each other as well as ourselves.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Norma / what can we find Norma doing?  I like collaborating with amazing women identified activists, coordinating events, doing outreach, analyzing policies and movements, working as a member of many diverse communities (e.g., Pinay, senior/elder, queer, etc.), and supporting emerging leaders. I believe I am contributing by providing individual and group counseling services, organizational development skills and organizational healing practices, anti-oppression and communications skills-building opportunities, and supporting people in strategic actions based socially just values and vision. I am committed to doing what I can to raise awareness regarding Gabriela Seattle’s vision, work that goes beyond a basic platform, integrating across-issue organizing, and engaging in transformative work internally as well as externally.


* Norma is a Gabriela Seattle Alumni member.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118