Name: Cherry Cayabyab

Member Since: 2003

What Cherry has done as a GABRIELA member:

1) Cultural productions – Veil (2003), Tagumpay (2005) and project managed Umaga (2006)

2) Transitioned from GabNet to Pinay sa Seattle

3) Filipino Veterans Equity Campaign (2004-2005)

4) Served on executive committee as Education Chair and Treasurer

Reason for joining: Commitment to genuine Philippine socio-economic political liberation and self-determination

Expo Trip Dates: August 2004 Women’s International Solidarity Affair of the Philippines (WISAP)

Things she’s good at: 1) excel/data/stats wonk 2) strategy/organizing 3) diy

Why this work is meaningful to Cherry: I’ve appreciated and learned much from Gab sisters. I definitely apply a lot of the approaches and deeper analytical frameworks in my life personally and professionally.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Cherry / what can we find Cherry doing?

1) with my cutie kiddos Hanalei (1 yo – Hanalei means “labor” and “flower” in Hawaiian reflecting her parents’ roots in labor work/organizing and Lakas (4 yo – Lakas means “strength” in Tagalog and is the name of the main character in a Filipino children’s book about SF Manilatown and the I-Hotel – stories about anti-gentrification and displacement of Filipinos.)

2) working at the Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods as strategic advisor for community engagement and nonprofit capacity building. I work with all city departments to ensure grassroots and culturally competent community engagement. I manage almost 40 consultants from low-income, POC and immigrant/refugee communities as the City of Seattle’s public outreach and engagement liaisons (POELs). I also oversee the community engagement work for a federal HUD funded program planning for and implementing anti-displacement strategies in Southeast Seattle.

3) run/swim/bike marathon or tri-training 🙂


* Cherry is a Gabriela Seattle Alumni member.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118