Member and community education is a core piece of GABRIELA Seattle’s work. Through education and cultural expression, Filipinas are able to reconnect to their history and the national democratic movement for liberation in the Philippines.


Please contact us at to request and schedule workshops. Gabriela Seattle typically requests an honorarium of $200.00 per workshop plus travel expenses.

Gender and Migration/ Filipina Migration
Interactive workshop that uses real stories of Filipina Women  overseas workers to illustrate the social, economic and political conditions that affect their migration “choices”. Discussion about these conditions with a  power point presentation included after the activity.

Justice for the Comfort Women
Gives a brief history of comfort women, sexual slaves, during WWII and outlines the ongoing demands they have after more than 60 years of seeking justice. Workshop includes testimonials from Comfort Women, honoring their strength and courage. Campaign actions and ways to be involved are also discussed.

Queer Organizing from Inside Out
Workshop uses thought provoking questions to start discussions on what is Queer identity and how its perceived. Role plays as a way for participants to understand the oppressions and decisions queer people face in their daily lives. Information about Filipino queer organizing in the US and Philippines will also be provided to illuminate how people organize to connect personal struggles to larger movements.

Human Trafficking
Workshop explores the definition of “human trafficking” and the effects it has globally and specifically on women of Filipina descent. We can modify this workshop to focus on Filipina Sex Trade, Overseas Filipino Workers or the Mail Order Bride Industry.  Video can be included

Mail Order Bride (Purple Rose Workshop)
From the campaign that was developed in the 80’s explores Washington State History with murder of Susanna Blackwell and community response. Also looks at the industry today. Can include video “Say I Do”

Human Rights Violations in the Philippines
Update information on what the Human Rights Violations that occur under Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo government and analyses some root causes to this oppressive system. Workshop also includes what communities in the Philippines are doing to respond as well as other Human Rights organizations in the world.

Justice for Nicole – US Militarization affects on Women in the Philippines
Using the 2006 rape case of a young girl by military soldiers, this workshop examines U.S. militarization history in the Philippines and its affect on women.

Philippine-U.S Migration Workshop
Reviews the history of Philippine – U.S immigration from 1898 to Present Day outlining policies, historical events and the conditions in the U.S. and Philippines that affected migration.  Workshop is interactive and includes  participation from members to share parts of their family’s migration history.

Traces the origins of the root of patriarchy as it relates to the development of capitalism. Connects personal experiences to systematic issues of gender oppression. Highlights women heroines of the Philippines

Arts & Cultural Activism
Focuses on the relevance of cultural work in the context of activism and social change.

100 Years of Feminist Politics and our Bodies
Examines the use  and abuse of Filipina women’s bodies throughout the course of hisotry, discussing issues ranging from human trafficking, prostitution, rape, and labor exploitation.  This workshoph will attempt to the dismatle the common notion that the liberation of women is only achieved among and within the ranks of owher women, but is in fact  integral to the overall struggle of all working class people for national liberation.  The workshop was developed in commemoration of the centennial of International Women’s Day and will link the historic ties between the women’s movement to the international proletarian movement for social change.



Pin@y sa Seattle has developed a 5-part educational curriculum for new members. It begins with sharing our migrations stories to learning the history of the Philippines and our women heroines. It ends with an introduction to our social movements, including third world feminism and the National Democratic movement. For more information or to request an orientation, contact