Name: Michelle Jaquish

Member Since: November 2013

What I do/ have done as a GABRIELA member:

  • Marched for International Women’s Day
  • Participated in One Billion Rising flash mob at Seafood City
  • Attended BAYAN Regional Retreat 2014 in Mossyrock, WA

Reason for Joining: I joined GABRIELA Seattle because I wanted to explore my identity as a mixed Pinay, talk with other Pinays about navigating this identity, and also to connect myself to the struggle and liberation of Filipinos locally and internationally.

Things she’s good at: singing, researching, dancing, listening, studying, reading

Why this work is meaningful to Michelle: This work is meaningful to me because it makes me feel human. I have lived in the United States and have felt very distanced from my Filipina identity. In GABRIELA, I have been able to understand and piece together my story in relation to my Filipina identity, and connect it to a story of struggle, resistance and liberation.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Michelle / what can we find Michelle doing? You can find me at the University of Washington pursuing my Masters degree in the School of Social Work, at the Eastern Cafe studying, and sipping amazing coffee at the Station Cafe on Beacon Hill. I am also a member of Social Workers Stand Up, a coalition group that is advocating for program reform and labor protections around our practicum/field education work in our master’s program, connecting ourselves to other labor rights groups on campus and in the Seattle community.


* Michelle has been serving on Gabriela Seattle’s campaigns committee.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118