Name: Pauline Salgado

Member Since: March 2014

What Pauline done as a GABRIELA member:

  • Performed in Reverse Money Dance at Folklife
  • Connected with other women’s orgs, such as API Chaya
  • Volunteered at Kadasig report back
  • Learned about Gabriela’s history through the Eskwela ng Gabriela ED series

Reason for Joining: I joined Gabriela because, at the time, I felt really lost and never felt a secure sense of community. I wanted to learn more about my Filipino roots and connect with other Filipinos (other than my family). Gabriela created a safe space for me to explore that as well as women’s issues.

Things she’s good at: painting, drawing, making videos, being crafty

Why this work is meaningful to Pauline: This work is meaningful to me because it’s given me the support and clarity to my identity as a Filipino American woman, which is something I still struggle with and hope to be at peace with one day.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Pauline / what can we find Pauline doing? Working at the Goodwill on Dearborn, hanging out my friends/fam, making art, and most likely with headphones or music on (it sounds strange, but I like soundtracks to literally everything that I do, no matter how mundane it is).


* Pauline has been serving on Gabriela Seattle’s education committee.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118