Name: Chel Cendana

Member Since: March 2009

What Chel has done as a GABRIELA member: 

  • Served on the executive committee as chair, vice chair, and currently serving as the membership officer.
  • Helped with the renaming of organization in 2006 to Pinay sa Seattle (now GABRIELA Seattle).
  • Facilitated new member orientations and retreats – my favorite!
  • Participated in the founding of GABRIELA USA in 2009.
  • Performed with Pin@y Choir.

Reason for Joining: As a freshman in college, I wanted to learn more about Filipino history, then learned to find my true home in this movement. I joined (what would become) AnakBayan Seattle in February 2002 and have been in love with this work ever since!

Expo Trip Dates: June-August 2003, January-February 2006, May 2007

Things she’s good at: coordinating events (especially retreats), facilitating meetings and educational discussions, cooking, baking, crackin jokes, and being an auntie.

Why this work is meaningful to Chel: I started doing this work at the age of 18. This movement is where I grew into an adult and a woman. As a Gabriela member, I am able to do work that I am very passionate about alongside fierce sisters who challenge me to be a better version of myself. I have also learned to understand the importance and strength of coming together as a community to support issues locally, nationally, and internationally. This movement has taught me what it means to serve the people and continues to help me redefine that with every new lesson.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Chel / what can we find Chel doing? You can find me working at a local high school, serving at the monthly Food & Sh*t pop up, promoting Lala’s latest project, working out, cooking my favorite recipes, baking ube cookies, hangin out with your kids, and chillin with my partner, family, and friends.


* Chel has been serving as the Membership Officer of Gabriela Seattle since May 2014.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118