Name: Donna Denina

Member Since: Fall 2003 – participated in “Veil” a cultural production put on by Gabriela Network Seattle

What Donna has done as a GABRIELA member:

  • Helped clarify our political line as National Democratic during our time as Gabriela Network in early 2004-2005 and pushed for the establishment of an ND women’s organization in 2006 – Pinay sa Seattle.
  • Served as Chairperson during the transition from Gabriela Network to Pinay sa Seattle in 2005-2007.
  • Wrote covers/jingles for our cultural group, Pinay Choir.
  • Created short film documentaries for Seattle women in HipHop and on the gentrification of the area surrounding notable community establishment, the Hidmo.
  • Serving as the current Political Education Officer for Gabriela USA from 2011 to the present.

Reason for Joining:
I joined as a way to channel a lot of rage, anger, and confusion I felt around my identity through my experiences as a migrant, daughter of migrants, witness to migrant overseas Filipina domestic workers, and survivor of trauma. It was a coming to full circle process for me, to find a home in the struggle, among kasamas dedicated to a movement for long term, systematic change for our homeland and our people. I can’t see myself in any other place than in the heart of the national democratic struggle for the Philippines.

Expo Trip Dates: Summer 2005 – International Solidarity Mission in the Philippines and Nov.-Dec. 2013 Family Expo

Things she’s good at: Educating and sharing information about our struggle, cooking for our people, and writing cover songs for the revolution. =)

Why this work is meaningful to Donna: This work is meaningful to me because its the truest act of selflessness and upholds values and principles that apply to anyone at anytime, and especially in times of hardship, struggle and sacrifice. This work has literally saved my life. Without this work, my life is meaningless and without purpose. It has given me a framework to understand the sacrifices of my parents, my upbringing, the world, and a perspective in which to teach my children and their understanding of justice and humanity.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Donna / what can we find Donna doing?

  • Reading or playing with my kids.
  • Cooking or enjoying a hearty meal with family, friends, and kasamas.
  • Keeping myself hip to the haps on social media – IG, FB, Twitter, and YouTube.


* Donna has been serving as the Political Education Officer for Gabriela USA since 2011.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118