Name: Rosie Diño

Member Since: 2007

What Rosie has done as a GABRIELA member:

  • Finance Chair for 1 year, Education Committee (1 year), Organizing Committee (current)
  • Participated in One Billion Rising flashmob
  • Took part in the reverse money dance / Pinay Choir
  • Chant leader for International Women’s Day march
  • Current BAYAN PNW Queer Caucus Rep (going on 2 years)

Reason for Joining: It has been a way for me to connect to my heritage, roots and identity as a first generation American, a child of hardworking immigrant parents. Moreso to be surrounded by inspiring, empowering and fierce womyn of color who have a passion and fire for commitment to social justice, social change, human rights and self determination.

Expo Trip Dates: Planning on Expo in the very near future

Things she’s good at: boxing, fitness, listening, solving puzzles, sketching, singing even if I can’t really sing and playing the drums =)

Why this work is meaningful to Rosie: To understand the struggles of my parents as it relates to the struggles of millions of immigrants. I have a responsibility to really do something that is for my family and the motherland as they have made tremendous sacrifices to seek a better life for themselves which is something I had struggled to understand and comprehend… it is the core reason for me to commit myself to do work to connect my parents migration story to the reasons why we fight for liberation, democracy and sovereignty in the Philippines. Equally, I had struggled to understand my own identity as a Queer Filipin@ and it is the community support that empowers me to educate myself, the community and our membership on patriarchy and homophobia as Queers are very much an integral part of the liberation movement and one’s self determination.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Rosie / what can we find Rosie doing? My economic work is in the field of accounting at a law firm. When I’m not looking at endless numbers, I train in boxing, fitness and other activities that keep my mind, body and soul healthy and sharp. I do find myself spending time with my parents more and more as they age which I cherish greatly. I’m attempting to hone my skills in cooking because I can only cook perfect scrambled eggs and/or hard boiled eggs and I’d like to learn more. I balance everything out with hanging out with friends and playing with my two cats (but I’m no cat lady).


* Rosie has been serving on Gabriela Seattle’s organizing committee and is our regional representative for the BAYAN-USA Queer Caucus.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118