Gabriela Seattle, an all volunteer grassroots organization of Filipina women, has successfully raised $10k through the Social Justice Fund to help staff its first part-time paid organizer in 2015. We are now conducting a 30 Day Community Ask to match the previously raised $10,000 so that we can completely fund our part-time organizer including travel expenses associated with our national Human Trafficking Campaign of Filipina women teachers and other organizing needs as necessary.

Since 2001, Gabriela Seattle has been engaged in our community by providing political education, developing leadership among Filipina women and youth, and putting on cultural productions. We are part of a national organization, Gabriela USA, an overseas chapter of Gabriela Philippines, the largest grassroots women’s political organization with over 400 chapters across the Philippines. We connect political issues in the Philippines to how it affects Filipina women in the U.S. Our membership throughout the years have been students, working professionals, mothers, queer identified, mixed-race, immigrant, second generation, and low income women from Seattle and South King County. You can learn more about our past and present members at

As an all volunteer women identified organization we have raised funds for domestic violence and typhoon survivors in the Philippines, conducted hundreds of workshops for community members and participated in political campaigns that affect Filipina women. Our dedication and commitment as volunteers comes from the value of wanting to serve our people and doing so in a collective way that builds leadership of women locally and nationally.

Highlights of Gabriela Seattle’s Work Through the Years

  • Organized and conducted local and national trainings for organizers as a way to build leadership of membership
  • Numerous Cultural Productions such as Veil, Umaga, Diwang Pinay, Kamay, Sinilangan, and Kadasig to name a few that address topics of identity, history, domestic violence, human rights violations, and other political situations affecting women in the Philippines
  • Raised money for typhoon survivors in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 that went directly to grassroots organizations conducting relief work in the Philippines
  • Organized exposure trips to the Philippines for women to connect with Gabriela Philippines organizers working to address poverty, violence against women, and local government corruption in their communities as a way to build leadership and learn first hand the effects that US imperialism has on the Philippines

We hope you could be a part of this great endeavor as we continue to grow and expand our work for many more years to come. You’re contribution, no matter how big or small, will make great strides in helping to advance the work of Gabriela.

Please consider giving a donation today by visiting our Give to Gabriela page by clicking below.


As part of our 30 day campaign, we are featuring a current member or alum of Gabriela Seattle!

Featured Member #1

Name: Chera Amlag

Member Since: 2001

What Chera has done as a GABRIELA member: 

  • Helped revive GABRIELA Seattle (formerly Gabriela Network) in 2001 & draft constitution, mission, and vision.
  • Coordinated the 1st North American Consultation of Women of Philippine Ancestry: “Migration, Labor Export and the Trafficking of Women” (October 5-7, 2001, Seattle University)
  • Facilitated educational discussions, workshops, and campaigns (i.e. Purple Rose Campaign (Mail Order Bride), Gender & Migration, PINAYtration, Stop the Killings, Justice for Comfort Women, etc.)
  • Helped produce numerous cultural shows (i.e. Political fashion show “Veil”, Umaga 2, Diwang Pinay, All Womens Hip Hop Show).
  • Have been on the executive committee as a co-coordinator, chair, secretary general, and education officer.

Reason for Joining: I loved learning about our revolutionary history and organizing made me feel whole.

Expo Trip Dates: June-July 2002; Nov.-Dec. 2013

Things she’s good at: event planning, sleeping, baking, and advising high school and college students.

Why this work is meaningful to Chera: Being in Gabriela and in our movement has helped me understand the power of a local and global community, has taught me to challenge and unite, and has inspired me to serve the people. This work is meaningful in so many ways, but what I find most meaningful is the opportunity to be surrounded by such passionate people who contribute to their neighborhoods, workplaces, cities, motherlands to make things better not only for themselves, but others as well. Lorena Barros, a Filipina revolutionary said, “We need dreamers who act, not actors who dream.” Gabriela cultivates dreamers not afraid to act.

When she’s not working for the movement, where can we find Chera / what can we find Chera doing? Spending time with my two boys and family, baking ube cheesecake, exercising, and dreaming.



* Chera is currently a member of PUSO and is the national finance officer for BAYAN-USA.



P.O. Box 18045
Seattle, WA 98118