dykemarchGABRIELA Seattle celebrated Pride Weekend in full force. First, on June 24th, we had our Queer 101 educational dialogue with new and incoming pinays to the people’s movement in the Philippines. The workshop explored the revolutionary queerstory of LGBTQ Filipinos in the Philippines and the US, as well as the impacts of heterosexism, patriarchy, and transphobia created by colonization and imperialist culture. The workshop is part of a summer educational series called Eskwela ng Gabriela (School of Gabriela) running from June-July, which goes into detail about the role of womyn and LGTBQ Filipin@s in the people’s movement.

GABSea also represented at the 2nd Annual Trans Pride Festival and the Seattle Dyke March. With June 28th being the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion and also a national day of action for Trans Justice, the Gabrielas performed the One Billion Rising dance, extending the call to end violence in all our communities, encouraging the crowd to join the dance. Rosie Diño, GABRIELA Seattle member and the Bayan PNW Queer Caucus Regional Representative, spoke at the Seattle Dyke March:

supremo” Gabriela Seattle is a Filipina women’s grassroots organization that advocates for the human rights of Filipina women globally. Gabriela Seattle is part of Bayan USA and overseas chapter of Bayan Philippines that is in support of the people’s movement in the Philippines for genuine democracy and sovereignty.

The issues we work on are: Justice for Survivors of Human Trafficking, Stop Violence Against Against Women.

We established the Bayan Queer Caucus to create a space to support Queer members of Bayan and educate our membership on how to be allies as we fight homophobia and patriarchy. Because we see Queers liberation as integral to the liberation of all our people. Our Queer Filipino members experience economic and social injustice disproportionately because of the multiple marginalized identities they carry, as people of color, as migrants, as trans and queer folks, as young folks. Because of that, our leadership and presence in the people’s movement is so critical and strong.

As you know, LGBTQ Filipinos struggle with different forms of violence, including physical and emotional, but also economic and state violence. We are still fighting for justice for Danny Vega. We are still fighting for justice for our kasamas who have been street harassed. We also support the undocumented immigrants who are being detained at the for-profit NW Detention Center. We are calling on the president to stop the detainment and deportations of undocumented immigrants. There are 2 million too many immigrants being separated from their families and having their human rights violated. (Learn more at http://www.notonemoredeportation.com/)

Given the recent death of Sun Kim – a youth from API Chaya and the murder of Trans activist in LA , we want to have special recognition for trans community to show our solidarity – especially since today is also trans day of action. Transphobia and transmisogny are harming our communities and taking away important people from our lives. It has to stop.

We urge everyone to join the struggle against corporate greed, against the exploitation of workers, against imperialists, against the violence on our communities. Let’s not forget the origins of Pride. Let me repeat that: Do not forget the origins of Pride. Stonewall was about resistance to power. It was about trans immigrants of color standing up to the state and demanding respect and dignity and their rights. Let’s not give up fighting and let’s keep growing the people’s movement here and abroad.

MAKIBAKA HUWAG MATAKUT! (Join the Struggle. Don’t be afraid.)”

Though Pride Weekend is over, GABRIELA Seattle is committed to fighting for Queer and Trans Justice and for the liberation of Filipin@s everywhere all year round. To learn more about the Bayan Queer Caucus, please contact Rosie at oralexpression@gmail.com, or check our our Facebook Page for future events. https://www.facebook.com/pages/BAYAN-PNW-Queer-Caucus/1490860547808780