April 29, 2012

Contact: Chel Cendana, Chairperson

Pinay sa Seattle – Gabriela USA


Seattle, WA – On April 28, 2012, Pin@y Sa Seattle, a member organization of Bayan USA and Gabriela USA, stands in solidarity with the airport workers, many of whom are immigrants who come to this country to make a living and support their families, but are being exploited by corporations who benefit from their cheap labor.  There is a great need for support of the airport worker community as their grievances are silenced by corporate management and their efforts to spread the word about the rally have been intercepted by removing leaflets and posters

There are 4,000 Filipinos who leave the Philippines daily due to worsening socio-economic conditions, two-thirds of which are are women.  There are 4000 airport employees at Sea-Tac International Airport, 400 of which are Filipino, who have worked for years, and some even decades, but are only paid poverty wages.   Meanwhile, corporate executives for major airlines are receiving increased bonuses, and the concentration of wealth continues to multiply within the top 1%, while the majority is left with empty pockets.

Pin@y firmly supports the demand of these workers to earn fare and livable wages and be offered affordable benefits as most earn at or below minimum wage.  With their jobs being contracted out to the lowest bidder, these workers risk lower pay and even risk losing their jobs.  Not only are they subjected to unfair wages, but also are exposed to unsafe and dangerous working conditions and experience racist discrimination.  Donna Denina, Vice Chair of Education spoke at the rally in support of the airport workers struggle and states “Let’s bring humanity back to our labor force, and treat all workers with the dignity and respect they deserve, a just and fair livable wage.”

Pin@y  will continue to support the airport employees for their fight to fair wages, safe working environment, and the right to retain their jobs.  On Tuesday May 1st, Pin@y will join forces with local progressive API organizations, friends and allies to continue the fight for all workers’ rights, and to demand an end to the criminalization of working class immigrants and their families.  For more information about Pin@y, contact pinayinfo@gmail.com.  ###