Claudia Alexandra Paras, Chair
Pinay sa Seattle

Pinay sa Seattle Celebrates 3 Years of Service to the Community

Seattle, WA. On October 23, 2009 at 6:00pm, Pinay sa Seattle will be having a showcase celebrating its third anniversary. It will be held at the Filipino Community Center at 5740 Martin Luther King Jr Way South. The show will be followed by a light meal and community discussion on today’s issues facing Filipino women and girls. 

Since 2006, when Pinay sa Seattle was founded, its vision was to advocate politically for the needs of Filipina women and girls locally and internationally. In the last three years, the organization has worked on a number of campaigns including universal health care, justice for military rape victims in the Philippines, an end to U.S. troops in the Philippines, immigrant rights and LGBTQ equality. This year, Pinay sa Seattle participated in the founding assembly of GABRIELA-USA, the first overseas chapter of GABRIELA Philippines. 

At the end of October, GABRIELA Philippines will be celebrating its 25th Anniversary and delegates from GABRIELA-USA will participate in the organization’s congress. The gathering will include representatives from the over 200 women’s organization in the Philippines allied with GABRIELA. 

Here in Seattle, Pinay’s anniversary show, Sinilangan (a Tagalog word meaning origin or cradle) will help raise funds for the celebration abroad. Sinilangan will feature local Filipina artists raising their voices for progressive change. These include Rogue Pinay from the hip hop duo First Quarter Storm, actress and storyteller Nancy Calos-Nakano, theater-extraordinaire Maria Batayola, spoken word artist Ela Barton, poet Kathrina Estoque, the Pinay Choir and more. Tickets are now available at