March 27, 2012

Contact: Chel Cendana, Chairperson
Pinay sa Seattle – Gabriela USA

Seattle, WA – On Saturday March 10, 2012, Pin@y Sa Seattle celebrated the 101st Anniversary of International Working Women’s Day with ‘Kamay,’ a showcase honoring Filipina migrant workers.  With close to 100 people in attendance at Southside Commons in Columbia City, the members of Pin@y and their family
There are 4,000 Filipinos who leave the Philippines daily due to worsening socio-economic conditions, and two-thirds of those migrants are women. Through personal story sharing, poetry, movement, theater and song, KAMAY was an interactive, multimedia showcase that celebrated the struggles and triumphs of migrant women in our community and around the world. Audience members opened up and participated in dialogue about their experiences as migrants.members dedicated their performance to all of the Philippine migrant workers around the world.

Locally, Pin@y has been working closely with Filipina migrant workers in the caregiver industry.  There has been nationwide momentum to enforce fair labor practices, provide legal protection, and to empower care givers to fight for their rights and dignity.  The home care workers excluded from basic protections are

part of a growing $70 billion industry which has doubled in size in the past decade. About 4 in 10 full time home care workers fall below the federal poverty line. These care providers do the work of supporting people with disabilities and America’s rapidly growing aging population.  Local organizers are pushing to have Seattle be the first city in WA state to pass a bill that would provide more legal protections for care givers.

Proceeds from Kamay will go towards supporting Gabriela USA’s 2nd National Assembly in Chicago this May.  Pin@y sa Seattle is a member organization of Gabriela and took part nationally coordinated International Women’s Day celebrations happening around the nation.  For more information about Pin@y, contact  ###