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Women’s Organization Pin@y sa Seattle becomes GABRIELA – Seattle
Calls for Justice for Typhoon Victims and Trafficked Teachers

SEATTLE, March 8th, 2014 – Women and allies from all over Seattle will be marching in solidarity for International Women’s Day (IWD). Led by Pin@y sa Seattle and Green Bodies, this city-wide rally and musical brigade from Pratt to Hing Hay park will feature inspiring women speakers and performers, such as City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, the Fandango Project, and local femcee Rogue Pinay.

Supporters of the Seattle IWD event call for an urgency to rise in resistance against violence towards women and children in all its forms. Rape, abuse, state repression, and economic violence all dismantle and diminish the cohesion, safety, and vibrancy of our neighborhoods and communities. Those who have survived acts of violence continue to fight for their rights and livelihood every day.

Pin@y sa Seattle will launch its new identity, GABRIELA-Seattle, reaffirming its unity as a direct chapter of GABRIELA Philippines alongside its sister organizations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington DC. The international organization is committed to economic justice and human rights of Filipina women around the world, and liberation of the Philippines from U.S. Imperialism.

GABRIELA chapters will be raising awareness of Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino’s negligence of the Filipino women especially those in Eastern Visayas, the most devastated region during Super-Typhoon Yolanda, that hit the Philippines in November 2013, killing more than 6000 people and displacing hundreds of thousands.

Additionally, Filipina migrant workers forced to leave their homeland too often become victims of labor trafficking. The GABRIELA DC chapter is comprised of trafficked teachers victimized by Isidro Rodriguez, a long time recruiter who is now detained in the Philippines for his illegal recruitment practices. Many of these teachers have filed complaints against Rodriguez both in the US and the Philippines. GABRIELA chapters will hold the Philippine government accountable for allowing such crimes to continue since 2008 and bring criticism to neoliberal economic policies that foster exploitative conditions for Overseas Filipino workers.

Donna Denina, GABRIELA USA Political Education officer and founding member of GABRIELA Seattle states “We must continue to connect struggles of women, be it violence, state repression, economic justice, labor exploitation, accessibility to healthcare, to the struggle of all oppressed and marginalized people across the globe. Women’s issues are people’s issues.”

Join us this March 8 on International Women’s Day in a day of resistance and a celebration of resilience in a Musical Brigade to continue our fight to end violence against women.

We are Women Workers, We are NOT Slaves!
Justice for Migrant Women Workers and their families!
End violence against women in all its forms!