POEA: root cause of increase in stranded OFWs in Jeddah

4 September 2009

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Gabriela Women’s Party Rep. Luz Ilagan said that instead of helping the overseas Filipino workers stranded under the bridge in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, the Philippine government is only increasing their number and aggravating their situation. 

“Despite the problem with stranded OFWs, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration still actively promotes labor migration to Jeddah and other parts of Saudi Arabia. In fact, the POEA has been trying to lure 1,600 health care workers to the country.” 

Ilagan worries that the new recruits would suffer the same fate as the hundreds of Filipinos who, after having escaped abusive employers, had to sleep under the bridge and rely on alms for survival for months before they were repatriated to the Philippines. 
“Saudi Arabia has a long history of abuse of OFWs: Many of our men and women have been physically abused and raped in this country. And our country remains without concrete measures and programs for OFWs in distress. Despite this, Mrs. Arroyo continues to solicit jobs from the kingdom,” Ilagan said. “The overseas Filipino workers are nothing but milking cows for this government.” 

According to Ilagan, the problem with stranded OFWs in Jeddah will not be solved unless the Philippine government turns its attention to the problems such as the lack of medical and legal support system for the migrant workers and illegal recruitment. 

“But the best solution still is to create genuine jobs in the Philippines so that no Filipino would ever need to go abroad just to have food on their tables,” Ilagan said. 


Abegail Rose L. Valenzuela
Public Information Officer
Office of Rep. Luzviminda C. Ilagan 
Gabriela Women’s Party 
SW-601 House of Representatives,
Quezon City
Telefax: 9315586
Mobile: 0915-7639619

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  1. Dear Abegail,

    You are exactly correct what you said in your column. Distress OFWs continue to be stranded under the bridge. I am Brod Omar, Triskelion Adviser who are among those frequent visitors to help these stranded OFWs since 2005. The Consulate is not effective in their task to assist these distressed OFW and they will never be unless the Consulate take some measures to arrest those fake fixers that pry on helpless runaways, promising them jobs in Jeddah and fast deportation thru back doors in exchange of big amounts of saudi riyals. Do you believe that every week, 10 – 20 OFWs becomes runaways because of these fixers who are friends of the Consulate?

    I knew all about these because I knew the safehouses of these thieves. Their alias are Myra, Yousuf, Mike, Danny (Abdulatif), Hassan (Jun Hilonggo), Miriam, Abdul Rahman (cousin & assitant of Jainodin), Jainodin (the Licence Turo and TNT Raider), and many other syndicates of trafficking, drugs and prostitutions. I already informed Mr. Tago but to no avail. He said that we don’t have the arm to do something. At least they should do something.

    The NBI came to visit the bridge but they just take informations…nothing more. I ask Mr. Tago to allow those NBI to talk to me but he never did. I know he is afraid of something.

    I can be of help….for the sake of these OFWs..please do something. I can be contacted in my Mobile: +966 – 507369702. Most stranded OFWs who were able to go home last two to four months ago knows about me. If you knew some of them ask about Brod Omar or ask the Consulate, Nini, Jungko, etc.

    Please consider this confidential.

    Brod Omar

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