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08 September 2009

“If there is even an iota of decency left in the Arroyo government, it would sack Chavit rather than merely ask him to go on leave.” This was the response of the women’s group GABRIELA on the statement of deputy presidential spokesperson Lorelei Fajardo that Deputy National Security Advisor Luis “Chavit” Singson should go on leave out of “delicadeza.”

The women’s group had expressed outrage at Chavit for brutally beating up his former live-in partner, Raquel Tiongson.

“There is no need for court proceedings before the president candecide. Chavit admitted he beat up Tiongson. That is enough reason for Malacañang to kick him from public office,” said Emmi de Jesus, GABRIELA secretary general.

The women’s group also scoffed at Fajardo’s statement that “(T)he president, as a woman and as the head of our government, is alarmed and seriously concerned…”


“As a woman and as a head of state, Arroyo should be more than merely alarmed and concerned. Like any decent Filipino – woman or man – she should be outraged and immediately severely sanction Chavit for his crime and his unrepentant and even proud admission of it,” said de Jesus.

Members of the women’s group were with Tiongson this morning during a hearing in Quezon City for permanent protection order. De Jesus said that, they will continue supporting Tiongson in her fight for justice.

De Jesus added that aside from Tiongson and other celebrated cases of violence against women, countless more women and children are being victimized. GABRIELA has handled around 1,400 cases of domestic violence since the implementation of RA 9262 or the Anti-VAWC Law in 2005. Of this number, only 122 (8-9% of total cases handled) victims sought legal action using the law. Of the 122 cases filed, majority were unaware that they could seek protection orders. Of those who were aware, less than 10 percent sought Temporary Protection Order, 4 percent sought Barangay Protection Order. Only two cases were able to get Permanent Protection Order, but in both cases, the orders were violated by the perpetrators.

“Tiongson and other victims/survivors of violence, especially those pitted against the rich and powerful, can only hope to get a semblance of justice with the unity and determination of women to fight and end violence against women,” said de Jesus.

“It is only apt that we continue the fight against VAW that we have vowed to undertake since our formation 25 years ago.” Vow Against VAW (violence against women) is GABRIELA’s ongoing campaign against gender violence. 

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