We want money for education,
Not Israeli Occupation!


Universities and public schools are cutting budgets across the country. In Seattle, massive budget cuts are leading to a possible tuition hike for UW students, cuts in classes at Seattle Central,  and the closing of five Seattle public schools. These closures and tuition hikes disproportionately affect communities of color. While Israel uses our taxes to bomb students of color in Gaza, students of color here face unacceptable cutbacks.

The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars on the occupations of Palestine, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Now we are feeling the impacts most heavily.

What we can do to fight back:

1) Come to the March and Rally to Save our Schools:  Thurs the 26th at Noon at the Garfield Community Center near Garfield High School in the Central District 
(400 23RD AVE)

2) Join Democracy Insurgent and Youth for the Middle East at the weekly Free Gaza demonstration this Saturday, February 28th, at Westlake Plaza in Downtown Seattle at noon to demand money for education, and not Israeli occupation!

3)  If you can,  help us flyer for this Sat rally during the rally on Thurs.  Let’s link these issues in the streets!