GABRIELA Seattle joined with 175,000  to RISE Against Fascism, RESIST Militarization, and UNITE for Liberation


SEATTLE — Members of GABRIELA Seattle marched in the Womxn’s March on Seattle on Saturday, January 21 as part of the Womxn and Families of Color contingent. The contingent consisted of GABRIELA members, women, children, people with disabilities, youth, seniors, allies, and supporters who decided to take action and resist the incoming Trump administration. 175,000 people took to the streets of Seattle to protest Trump, a fascist, sexist, xenophobe viciously attacking marginalized communities. Under Trump’s presidency the lives of communities of color, immigrants, indigenous people, Muslim people, Black people, LGBTQ people, low-income families, women and children are threatened.


Rhondalei Gabuat, Chairperson of GABRIELA Seattle gave a statement.

GABRIELA Seattle views the neo-fascism in the U.S. as an effect of the crisis of the current capitalist system and neoliberal policies. We stand against poverty, hunger, homelessness, gentrification, militarization, state-sponsored violence, unemployment, and lack of access to basic necessities such as clean water, food, shelter, education, and healthcare, all of which are direct impacts and results of a global imperialist system. “The momentum from the Women’s Marches worldwide will hopefully continue in the days ahead. We encourage people to connect with organizations to unite and protect our communities and human rights,” stated Rhondalei Gabuat, Chairperson of GABRIELA Seattle.


“We can no longer be witness to a system which perpetuates and worsens violence against women in all forms, leaving working-class women and their families to bear the costs,” continued Gabuat. GABRIELA Seattle along with other chapters of GABRIELA USA urge our communities and people everywhere to RISE to protect women and children, RESIST state-sponsored violence of our communities, and UNITE for the rights, dignity, and life for all women, children, and LGBTQ people to live lives marked by wholeness, integrity, and well-being.


GABRIELA Seattle is a collective of Pin@ys celebrating our multifaceted identities, revolutionary history, and rich culture. We work to build a community in the Seattle area invested in educating, defending, and advocating for the human rights of Filipinas globally.

GABRIELA Seattle is a member of GABRIELA-USA, a grassroots-based alliance of progressive Filipino women’s organizations in the United States seeking to wage a struggle for the liberation of all oppressed Filipino women and the rest of our people. As an overseas chapter of GABRIELA Philippines, we work to advance the struggle of women in the overall movement for national liberation and genuine democracy in the Philippines.